Jano AND Josué



I cannot express enough gratitude for the EXCEPTIONAL service provided by Elizma, who effortlessly orchestrated the most enchanting celebration of our love. From the moment we engaged her services for our same-sex international destination wedding, we were astounded by her unwavering commitment, impeccable attention to detail, and her remarkable ability to turn our dreams into an awe-inspiring reality. She just got us from the get-go.

Although we had meetings with a few wedding planners, it felt like they just weren’t a fit for running businesses instead of dream factories, squeezing us into 15-30 minute consultations. From the moment we had our first full-hour call with Elizma, we were on the same wavelength. We just clicked.

Despite the geographical distance that separated us between two continents, Elizma bridged the gap flawlessly, ensuring that every aspect of our wedding was meticulously planned and executed. She devoted countless hours to our cause, investing genuine care and dedication into our journey. Through countless calls and conversations, she took the time to truly understand our vision, values, and the little nuances that were integral to making our special day truly representative of who we are as a couple.

It was through Elizma’s unparalleled commitment that every minute aspect of our celebration was flawlessly curated. From the grandest of gestures to the tiniest details, nothing escaped her artistic eye. She masterfully intertwined our personalities, preferences, and love story into every element, creating an atmosphere that felt uniquely ours. It was as if she had a magical ability to grasp our desires and bring them to life with astounding precision.


One unforgettable testament to Elizma’s ingenuity was her thoughtful inclusion of a harp and an oboe for our ceremony. Though it seemed like a mere wish whispered into the wind, she worked tirelessly to organize these ethereal instruments. As the enchanting melodies danced through the air, they wrapped us in a blanket of love, making our hearts soar with joy. It was at that moment that we realized how deeply Elizma cared about the creation of our love-filled tapestry.

Her unwavering commitment did not just manifest in the physical arrangements but also in her genuine presence throughout the entire process. Elizma attentively listened to our desires, fears, and aspirations, ensuring that our voices were heard and our dreams acknowledged. She gracefully navigated the intricate path of planning, constantly going above and beyond to make sure that our day would be nothing short of perfection. Her passion for her craft was palpable, and her infectious energy fueled our excitement every step of the way.

On our wedding day, we stood in awe as the scene before we unfurled into pure magic. Every detail, every heartfelt touch, and every carefully orchestrated moment wove together seamlessly, creating a symphony of love that will forever echo in our hearts. Elizma created an atmosphere so magical that it transcended the boundaries of time and space, making it truly the happiest day of our lives.

In conclusion, words fail to capture the depths of our appreciation for Elizma. Her dedication, creativity, and unwavering support transformed our wedding into a work of art. She surpassed every expectation and, in doing so, not only crafted an unforgettable day but also left an indelible mark on our lives. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly recommend Elizma to anyone seeking a planner who can make dreams come true.

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